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Book launch: Journalist Wajiha Hyder speaks to Saba Karim Khan about her debut novel, Skyfall as part of the Lahore Literary Festival

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Stigma and Society: A Closer Look at Saba Karim Khan’s Debut Novel: Shanal Kazi reviews Skyfall for The Friday Times








Skyfall – A testament to you being what you love, not that what loves you: By all accounts, the world at this time needs Saba Karim to write more, concludes Mir Adil Usman in his review of Skyfall for The Nation



Saba Karim Khan’s Debut Novel Takes Readers On A Gripping Journey From Heera Mandi To New York: Sana Munir reviews Skyfall



Saba Karim Khan’s Skyfall is a story that wants to root for humanity in a time of hate: writes Fatima Arif in her review of Skyfall for Mashable




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In this podcast, Mashable Lab talked to Saba Karim Khan about all the various hats she wears and the journey that resulted in Skyfall

In Conversation with Liberty Books | Saba Karim Khan: Maheen Humayun interviews Saba Karim Khan, author of the powerful, soulful, and timely debut novel, “Skyfall”. Find out her inspiration behind this moving tale that teaches us the strength of human endeavor and our desire for love in a time of hate

Watch the behind-the-scenes making of the Skyfall cover

Saba Karim Khan speaks to Khaleej Times in this exclusive interview, about her hard-hitting novel, Skyfall, about what makes women “Troublemakers” and the journey of bringing the novel to life



Pakistan’s literary landscape is packed with promises this year. #ArabNewsPK shortlists exciting works of fiction by Pakistani authors including Skyfall




Saba Karim Khan speaks to The National about how her debut novel, Skyfall, is breaking Pakistani women out of boxes.





Saba Karim Khan in conversation with Georgia Tolley on the Afternoons with Helen Farmer podcast on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, speaking about Skyfall and all things literature

“Women get so much flak for deviating from what we would like to believe as the norm and Skyfall is saying: be a troublemaker and own it.” The Gazelle sits down with Saba Karim Khan to talk about Skyfall and her work surrounding gender violence.



Harper’s Bazaar Art – “For filmmaker, author, and NYU Abu Dhabi Instructor Saba Karim Khan, her documentary Concrete Dreams “is about rupturing the myth of static futures.” Read her interview in Harper’s Bazaar Art on using this film to chart how through football, an identity, in a city as divided by class as Karachi, is reclaimed.


“‘Skyfall’ is the last attempt you make against a group of people when outnumbered,” Khan explains of her novel.” LUMS, The Perfect Storyteller on Skyfall, Concrete Dreams, LUMS, storytelling and struggle.

“When you think of Pakistan, you think all things combustible; a precarious nation, operating at dizzying speed, forever on the boil. With Concrete Dreams, I wanted to pull together the threads of how, despite its pathologies and problems, something makes Pakistan tick. What is that something?” QUAD, University of Oxford on becoming a filmmaker.


“The punchline of the story symbolises how, despite their upended lives, these boys didn’t downsize their dreams to fit their reality. Instead, they outstripped their reality so it would fit their dreams.” The National, UAE on Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home, a documentary by Saba Karim Khan on how two young men went from the streets of Karachi to playing football in Rio

Saba Karim Khan speaks to CNN about how, despite Covid-19 movement restrictions during lockdown, fans in the Arab world found ways to share viewing experiences through TV