I’m interested in visual storytelling as a means of reaching audiences, without the constraints of geographical barriers, as well as a vehicle to narrate stories we may otherwise never hear.

Recent Projects

Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home

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I’ve recently directed an award-winning documentary film, Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home, funded by the Doha Film Institute and HBL, on how football is producing a movement beyond sports among Pakistan’s street children. Concrete Dreams has won the Excellence award at the Docs Without Borders Film Festival, USA, best documentary awards at the Indian World Film Festival, the Tagore International Film Festival and the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and has been officially selected at the France-based, Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. It will be available on Amazon Prime (VOD) in December 2020.

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The Social Experiment

In late July this year, as the world revealed a “new normal,” a small group of us at NYU Abu Dhabi decided to conduct a social experiment to tell a different story. This may not be the full story; still, it feels like an important one. The Social Experiment is a photography project chronicling the spectacle of everyday strife and everyday happiness for migrant workers in the Gulf. These are people we see around us—careening down the “new normal” despite the train-wreck hitting them in the face—who deserve their own voice. Through a collection of spur-of-the-moment photographs, this visual journal opens a window into the lives of nannies, chefs, drivers, café workers, house cleaners, beyond their predictable, “global Cinderella” impressions. Browse the photo journal published in The Pandemic Lens.



Just a Slap, the first in our series of "Originals", sheds light on #Violence as an #EverydayAffair. We have a clinching suspicion that women, the world over, well, will know what we are talking about. Well, not just women, but mostly women.